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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    Always great

    The pads I use in my fish tank. Would have given 5 stars but I always ask for some extra stickers for my son. Never got them. They did put extra on the roll package. Thow not a big deal. Love you guys.

    Important Element of My Aquarium Care

    I have been using pinky filters for several years now and I find them to be a crucial part of my aquarium care. I use them just upstream of my filter socks which allows me to double my filter sock effectiveness and time of use before cleaning by swapping out the pinky filter a couple of times before needing to swap and clean my filter socks. I also use them aft of the refugium, prior to Purigen packs to catch sump particulates that would otherwise enter the return pump system. In both cases, I cut to size crosswise of the roll to widths appropriate for each location. I have tried other filter material; but, nothing works better than the pinky filters.

    Amazing and affordable!

    I switched to pinky filters years ago when I was broke as hell and refused to give up my fish tanks. I have had the cleanest tanks ever since! I absolutely love the fact that you can cut them to size. They fit any backpack filter and I have had great results with my large fluval canister filters. Good sponge filters too.

    cody rudy
    grete product

    works grate and so much cheaper then filter cartage.

    Charles E. Craig
    Pinky Filter discount

    I thought it was strange that I placed my order at night and then the next morning I get an email for a discount. Then just a little later was a fathers day discount as well.