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    Bio Media Bags for Aquarium

    Whether you’re just starting off with a pet fish tank hobby or you’re a practiced veteran in aquarium knowledge and maintenance, you’ll want to use mesh media bags for your filtration systems. Mechanical filters use media to freshen and purify your aquarium and pond water. To understand the benefits of using a media bag, let’s review how media is used in your aquarium filtration system. 

    Why You Need a Media Bag for Mechanical and Bio Filters

    Mesh Bio Media Bags

    A mechanical filtration system uses a medium to pass the water through in addition to floss. Charcoal or other media are used to leech bad smells, harmful ammonia and chemicals out of the water beyond debris. Most of the mechanical-related media is loose and light, in the form of small pellets or beads. You must prevent releasing these pellets out of the filter and into the aquarium in order to avoid clogging your system or having to fish it out of the tank itself. Media pellets are easily restricted to the filter with a pouch or mesh bag, as long as the bag doesn’t tear, wear or otherwise deteriorate before you can replace it. Bio Bags also keep bio filtration systems intact. See our page on Bio Balls to understand those systems.

    Pinky Bio Media Bags are Better

    Pinky's sturdy, 100% polyester mesh bags last. They’re great for carbon or other pellet-sized and larger filter media, including Bio Balls. Our bags make it easy to install, clean and change media, or to layer different types of media in the same filter.  

    • Perfect dimensions Bag measures 7 x 11 inches, a great size for most filtration systems. 
    • Mesh size – 4 mm holes, perfect for allowing easy water flow with no loss of small pellets to large media materials.
    • Reusable – Zipper opening for secure and easy use. Instead of throwing pre-bagged media away, save money and refill.
    • Free shipping in the USA – Adds to cost savings.
    • Choose quantity – Save more with higher quantities. Comes in 1, 2, 5, & 10 Packs

    For the best savings and quality, always order directly from Pinky Filters online for all of your filtration needs. Check our site for our other high-quality filter supplies.