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    24 Inch Wide Floss Aquarium Filters

    • SIMPLE and VERSATILE - Perfect for fresh & saltwater wet/dry filtration systems, ponds, and freshwater or saltwater canisters.
    • SAFE - Safe for all fish (both fresh or saltwater),  Reptiles in both aquarium tanks and ponds.
    • MADE IN THE USA - Our dual-sided Pinky Floss aquarium filters are made in the USA and give you two filters in one.
    • POWERFUL DUAL-ACTION - Pinky Filters dual-action filtration keeps your tank cleaner & running more efficiently.
    • EFFECTIVE FILTRATION - The white side captures the larger particles, debris & uneaten food. The pink side grabs the finer particles left behind by the white side.

    Made in the USA! Pinky Filters are Dual-Sided Aquarium Filters that give you TWO FILTERS IN ONE! The White Side captures the larger particles, debris and uneaten food. The Pink Side grabs the finer particles left behind by the White Side. This Dual-Action Filtration keeps your tank cleaner and running more efficiently. Offered in 24" wide by 5 feet.  The thickness is 1" thick, but may vary due to packaging & processing. Perfect for freshwater & saltwater, wet/dry filtration systems, canister systems, and more! Cut to fit and replace ANY pad type filter. Pinky Filters DUAL-SIDE FILTER blows away the old BLUE / WHITE filter style AND the Pet Store White Floss filters pads. Most customers get 10 to 12 filters from just one roll!!!

    NO chemicals are used in production and our layers are "Dry", not tactified (glued).... Can others say that? 

    Safe for all fish (fresh or saltwater) / Reptiles / Tanks & Ponds!