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    Dual sided Floss Filter for Freshwater Aquariums, Saltwater Aquariums & Ponds

    Buy in bulk, cut to any size, & install.  Works with any mechanical, wet/dry, sump or canister filtration system.  Designed to polish your water, promoting clean water & help extend the life of your filtration system.

    Product Description

    Pinky filters are designed to filter out both large & small detritus particles floating or suspended in your aquarium.  The dual sided, high loft, porous floss filter construction promotes smooth water flow that will not restrict your filters performance.  Pinky filters are made using a non-woven fiber process that utilizes a non-glue bonding technology to join the two layers. 

    Place the white floss side towards the water intake.  This will capture the larger particles, while the smaller debris will become captured in the pink media side. 

    Our filters are designed to be cut to size and replaced often.  They are designed for the aquarium enthusiast, whom takes pride in the clarity of their fish tank!  We recommend replacing your filter every week, but ultimately the timing is dependent on:

    1. Water Quality
    2. Amount of detritus in the water
    3. Odors
    4. Flow of the filter
    5. Personal preference
    6. Nitrate & ammonium buildup

    Key Benefits

    • Saving money thru purchasing in bulk
    • Easily cut any size filter
    • Cut multiple filters from just one roll
    • Reusable
    • Captures both large & small detritus particles
    • Promotes clean & odor free water
    • Helps extend the life of your filtration system
    • Great for sump & many other filter systems
    • Use as scouring pad to clean sides of tank
    • Use in place of sponges

    Cut to fit your system

    1. Buy Pinky Filter roll
    2. Measure size of filter
    3. Using scissors, cut to desired size
    4. Install into tank