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    When providing and maintaining a healthy environment for your aquarium or pond fish and other creatures, there are a few ways to make sure the water is crystal clear and free of harmful elements. Having your water look good is important, but you also want it to smell fresh. An easy way to achieve this is to use activated charcoal in your mechanical filters. We’ve already covered how mechanical filtration removes particulates. Let’s discuss what filtration media is, including charcoal, and how it works in the mechanical filtration process.

    Filtration Mediums

    aquarium bulk activated carbon

    Let’s get our terms straight. Bio-filtration converts ammonia to nitrates using bio-media to house good bacteria, which is used after mechanical filtration. For mechanical filters, the goal is to remove debris and other chemicals that can harm your fish, discolor or cloud the water or make it smelly. Aquarium water is first run through a floss layer to remove particles. After that, the water proceeds through a medium or substance that removes remaining chemicals. 

    Charcoal is a popular medium choice in mechanical systems since it can neutralize and remove tannins, phenols, chlorine and medications from the water. Activated charcoal has an incredibly porous surface which can absorb and bind with chemical molecules. If the charcoal gets too dirty, these pores will gunk up and the charcoal becomes inactive and must be replaced. 

    Pinky Activated Charcoal is Superior

    Our activated charcoal is superior to other brands for many reasons:

    • Quality – Our loose activated charcoal has a very low dust content, good mechanical strength and is extremely effective in removing chlorine, many toxins and odor.
    • Versatile – Pinky activated charcoal can be used in all other water filtration systems, including canister, hang-back, sump and wet/dry. Can be used for all fresh water and saltwater aquariums or ponds.
    • Safe – Non-toxic, so safe for use with all fish and reptiles. 
    • Size and shape of charcoal – Round Rods with a diameter of 0.175 and roughly 1/8" to 7/8" long. Along with having a high pore count, our charcoal is a perfect fit for our Mesh Bio Media Bags (Insert link to Mesh Bio Media Bags page), which will keep loose charcoal out of your filter tubes and the tank itself.  
    • Cost – Go with the loose bulk and avoid expensive short-use charcoal cartridges. Even for loose bagged activated charcoal, you won’t find another brand that sells for less, pound for pound.
    • Long-lasting – While other brands recommend changing their product every 2-4 weeks, our charcoal can last up to 6 weeks before needing to be replaced. We sell our activated charcoal in 25 lb. bags. Imagine how far our product will last before needing to resupply!
    Pinky Filters products excel for the highest quality and best prices you will find for aquarium and pond filtration products. Order directly from our site for the best service, convenient shipping and lowest prices.