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    Bulk Floss Aquarium Filters

    Pinky Filter Floss is one-of-a-kind in the world of aquarium or pond filtration.  To understand its value in terms of usage and cost, it’s important to review the type of filtration it works with, as well as other types of floss available.

    Mechanical Filtration 

    Mechanical filtration specifically refers to the process of removing particulates by circulating dirty water through a device that contains a filtration medium. Mechanical filtration keeps your tank cleaner and running more efficiently. It typically uses filter floss to remove detritus and debris from aquarium and pond water in order to achieve water clarity. This is referred to as “water polishing.” Mechanical filtration is used for both fresh and saltwater environments.

    Floss Aquarium Filters

    Types of Filter Floss

    Certain floss types and brands are preferred for freshwater or saltwater, or for specific filter and pump systems. These types of floss media include: 

    • Loose soft poly floss and pads – Resembles batting. Can be inexpensive, but comes in one size density and doesn’t always stay in place. Because of its singular density, as well as it’s loose shape, it can miss both finer and larger types of debris. Useful in only certain types of filters. Cannot be reused.
    • Cartridges – Stiff floss mounted in a plastic cartridge. Expensive and designed to fit very specific sized and shaped filter units. They are not universal and can be used for short periods of time before needing to be replaced. Commonly includes only one true density of floss, regardless of color.
    • Roll and pre-cut floss pads – Stiffer material floss that may come in a roll. Can be cut to fit plastic trays or spaces in all kinds of pumps and filters. Other brands vary in price and characteristics. Typically, single layer or glued together.

    Pinkie Filter Floss is Different

    Pinkie Filters has a cut-to-fit type of filter floss as well as pre-cut sizes. Far superior to blue or green filter floss, with many features that set it apart from and above all other types and brands:

    • Dual filters – Two filters working in unison since Pinky filter floss has two layers. The white side catches the larger particles, such as leftover food and solid waste, while the tighter pink side catches the finer particles.
    • 100% non-toxic – Our dual aquarium filter media contains no glue or chemicals.
    • Inexpensive – Made in the USA, you can buy Pinky directly in bulk or pre-cut from the manufacturer online, so you get a great product at a very low cost with free shipping inside the US.
    • HardworkingPinky filter floss pads can be used in wet/dry systems, sump, canister, hanger back and in-tank filters for fresh and saltwater fish tanks. They stand up to reuse and can last a long time. Use in place of sponge to help polish your water. 

      Order directly from Pinky Filters online for all your filtration needs. Our low-cost floss filters are offered in 1" thick by 12" or 24" wide in various lengths & quantities, often yielding 10-12 filters from one roll. See our site for our other filter supplies.